About Is a Liminal Space

Is a Liminal Space is an off shoot of the convergence of a few different projects coming together at once. While taking a Philosophy of Educational Technology class at The Ohio State Universty that focused heavily on blogging and a history of open communities on the Internet, I also started participating in the cMOOC #rhizo15. My interactions with the cMOOC started on the class blog but when the class ended I decided to claim my own space to vent ideas around the impact of technology’s reach on education. That manifested into this blog which was originally called “She’s So Heavy”.

It is my intent to continue to use this blog to serve as a place to further develop dialogs (meaning comments are encouraged) around questions concerning educational technology. This blog is not an ending place for my thinking but rather a beginning; many thoughts may be in their infancy. Because of this a comparison from post to post may reveal contradictions as my thinking grows and evolves.

Note about the name:

I switched the name from She’s So Heavy to Is a Liminal Space in December 2016 because well you know we all have to grow.

When searching for a name for this blog I turned to a bit of bibliomancy with a book of poetry from Mary Oliver and landed on the words “he’s so heavy” in reference to an eagle. It made me think of “she’s so heavy” because: I identify as a woman and I love the Beatles. I decided that “she’s so heavy” was an appropriate title for the blog because I found that I was already blogging about weighty topics and because I have a special place in my heart for birds of prey. This is kind of a twisted thought process but that’s how I roll sometimes.

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