About Autumm


Autumm Caines is a liminal space.

Part technologist, part artist, part manager, part synthesizer

Mostly educator

She is passionate about the use of technology in education and the many differing facets of how technology impacts society and culture, she likes spending time at the place where differing disciplines intersect.

A first generation high school graduate and first in family college graduate, Autumm is deeply dedicated to the transformative experience of education for those to whom the opportunity often does not present itself.

She is the Associate Director of Academic Technology in the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching at Capital University in Columbus Ohio and she just earned a Master’s Degree from The Ohio State University in Educational Technology. Autumm is Co-Director in the Virtually Connecting movement and uses her work in Virtually Connecting to explore questions of virtual presence, conversation, spontaneity in virtual environments, networking, and professional development.

Thoughts expressed in this blog are her own.

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