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#tomereaders Prompt’nBlog 1

#tomereaders Prompt’nBlog 1

Calling all #tomereaders – Prompt 1 is here! Matt and I each took a stab at it. Though I have done a fare amount of video work I think this might be my first time addressing the Internet in a video… maybe Matt too??? (He’ll have to comment and let us know). Check it out.


5 thoughts on “#tomereaders Prompt’nBlog 1

  1. I’m hoping we are headed away from “managed” everything where it has become logical to replace the responsibility that true professionals take upon themselves with rules administered by people who are simply self-important fools. For the time being, any manner of becoming educated is fair game. Take what you can get and don’t moon around hoping for recognition.

    As for the future after schools are freed of the toxic managerial rot I expect we’ll see education for a more rounded person emerge from the wreckage of testing plague. In addition, there will be many short-lived educational collectives teaching odd skills that come with no certifications beyond the ability to get things done.

    1. I’m not sure I am getting you completely here Scott but I do agree we need a little more life in education. Messy and imperfect as it may be this is what we deal with everyday and you are not going to learn how to deal with it by working in a constructed, managed, environment all of the time. More balanced is needed for sure.

  2. I’ll go the other fictional extreme from Matthew: In five years, there will be a retraction of this experimentation of education with technology and the Web. This will come as a blowback against the Great Hack of 2018, in which every elite higher level institution’s data base structure was compromised by a small team of community college undergraduates holding a grudge against MIT. The result was a shuttering of the online offerings by universities, the demise of Coursera and other for-profit LMS systems, and a return to the sharing of educational practices by small groups of teachers in a newly-created alt-Web. Oh, and Rhizo20 will be just emerging in full swing …. Viva La Revolution!
    Kevin (@dogtrax)

    1. Going back nearly a decade, I took a short summer trip to Boston with my girlfriend (now fiancee). Before venturing forth, I polled my friends via facebook on what I should do whilst there. One particular curmudgeon asked that I take photos of myself making a particular gesture at some particular places of higher education. I obliged. The photos should never, I hope, come to light, but MIT may have been one of the subjects. I will never say for sure, but perhaps my curmudgeon of a friend will be one of those hackers. 🙂

      Thanks for this response, Kevin. I enjoyed your future.

  3. In answer to Autumm’s question, no I have never ever posted a video of myself anywhere. After making take after take of this video trying to nail the essence of the group with a script that existed only in my head, I scrapped about 150 videos (not kidding) and just went for it.

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