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#clmooc UnIntroduction

#clmooc UnIntroduction

For #clmooc’s first Make Cycle we were asked to unintroduce ourselves which was just a fun way to ask us to take a new look at the introduction. I decided that I was unqualified to introduce myself considering all of the different people that I am in different contexts and situations and all of the different qualities that I have that are important in so many different settings.

So, I decided I was going to drag my online and face to face friends into a video intro for me. I asked some online folks to send me videos and many did – thank you everyone – and I asked others that I happened to run into face to face to introduce me. I also ended up back in Detroit visiting my parents at this time so I got my Mom and Dad to contribute as well!

So here it is – my #clmooc untro

11 thoughts on “#clmooc UnIntroduction

    1. Kevin – Ha yah that is my dad 🙂

      Extra Extra read all about it!! 🙂

  1. Autumn,
    That was brave. How fun to see the different ways everyone introduced you — and adding your mom and dad was a nice touch.


    1. Thanks Cathy,

      I think I learned a lot about myself in the process as well.

  2. Hi Autumn,

    I love the idea of unintroducing oneself! It’s so important to know who we are and be confident in our own identities, but it’s always fascinating to learn how others see us as well.

    Thanks for sharing!

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