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Final Prompt and Call for Help with Eval #tomereaders

Final Prompt and Call for Help with Eval #tomereaders

#tomereaders 2015 Summer book reading group is coming to an end. Matt and I decided to put out our final reflection/prompt together as a dialog rather than two monologues.

The video is kind of long so I want to pull this out in the text – we need your help!!! We need to evaluate #tomereaders. Why? Well we have submitted for a poster presentation and if accepted that is something that we would like to include but also because we want to gather feedback from people about their impressions of the group.

Going back to our rhizomatic roots I wanted to kind of crowd source the creation of the evaluation. I will create the survey using some online software but I’m hoping we can collaboratively create the questions.

You can contribute to the google doc here


2 thoughts on “Final Prompt and Call for Help with Eval #tomereaders

    1. Ha! Kevin you were one of our most active readers. lol.

      I think that there is a little bit of a difference between #tomereaders and #clmooc in that #clmooc is a mooc. #tomereaders is just a reading group – it was never massive and was only partly open – it was not a course. So participation levels were different.

      I hope you will consider taking the eval when we get it built.

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